Wednesdays Trades

todays trades then all hilda as above for +143 pips

also took an extra 43 on a 'gut feeling' trade after the news this morning and went long so plus 186 for the day - excellent!

Ive also decided after a lot of thought last night that i will not be doing a signals service. I just dont believe in them from anyone else and its constantly dragging money from potentially good traders - im one of the 'teach a man to fish' brigade rather than give him fish every day and charge him for it.

so, hilda is now on sale to interested parties for the cover price as stated on the site (already paid for itself this week) ill explain the way that im giving the system tomorrow cos the wife is giving me an ear bashing for being on the pc since 5am this morning (and its now 6pm)

have a check back tomorrow and see if you like, if not then thanks for checking in anyway :)

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