Early day

Early day for me today so the last trade has been closed - it's still running in reality as per hilda rules

The market told hilda not to trade this morning across most timeframes - the long would've been from 1.7428 at around 10:30 but the system said no so no it was.

that said I went scalping on a 1 min and took the first 2 trades above.

Later at 14:15 hilda gave one of her rare reversal point signals and so I shorted at 7522. These don't happen very often but when they do they are almost always good for at least 20 pips or so.
At the time of writing price is 05 and the signal to end hasn't come yet.

On a personal note I'm off out for the rest of the day - got some business to attend to at a cemetery (no, nothing recent) so I closed that last one early for +10.

Not the most productive day but hey ho im at +174 for the week and have missed a few at that.

Boredom is often a bad point for me - that's why I developed hilda in the first place - but even hilda has periods that show as non-tradable across all timeframes and then my boredom sets in. As a result I did take two other trades today one which lost 11 pips and one which won 3 pips.

just so you know I suffer the same demons as most traders.

hope you've had a good day and hope you enjoy the rest of it.

bye for now.

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