busy day

been a very busy day today

this morning Hilda didnt have anything to offer on anything belw a 4 hour chart apart from scalping - i was busy as hell and so waited for a signal which came at 12 noon uktime

This one was called live as many had asked for in moneytec chat and followed until the close - then i went out for lunch and came back just in time to catch a couple of scalps off the 1 min chart just to prove how easy it was.

Im now setting up a secure paltalk room for all hilda users where they can safetly work together and ill be in there a fair bit too.

The idea is that one may watch swissy 5 and 15, one watches longer or shorter, one watches cable etc etc - lots of opportunities then not to miss trades when there is a bunch of us together.

Also found a new training aid - i have this software product that will allow clients to see m own screen totally live as i train them - really cool and tiny delay of about 1/2 second - its brillint.

hope you had a good day and wish you good trades for tomorrow :)

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