well, not having a good time of it today.

Ive made some serious mistakes in my trading today - been revenge trading a bit - my first trade this morning went tits up against me and i just let it roll to -25

my second trade went -20

then i was in revenge mode - 'gotta get this back' kinda thinking

i ended up 62 pips in the red before i slapped myself with a wet haddock.

I went out, had lunch and a few beers and came back - since then ive managed to claw back 32 pips on small trades. and im now long cable from 1.7550 so i might just break even for the day by the time i finish.

very foolish.

tell ya what tho - if you'd have said 'cable will be at 1.75 in 2 weeks' you'd have been laughed out of any chatroom on the planet. Just shows that you canna predict the market (although i bet somebody did and for once in their life got it right lol)

ill finish this post at the end of the day

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