Another muggy kind of day in the markets waiting for the big announcement tonight - i wont be sat waiting for it, would sooner just trade the aftermath tomorrow

above are the offical hilda trades today - more pips couldve been taken on some of them but ive always been one for letting them run.

also took some other trades which arent listed here.

The first one at 5:30am MT4 time i didnt take as i was snoring but it was a classic hilda so ive included it in the list for those who trade the midnight hours (to us in the uk anyway) to have a look at - all times are mt4 time which i think is gmt+2

with the other trades i took today i came out with exactly 50 pips - not bad for such a poor moving day. Most of them were scalps and the ones not listed were hilda influenced anyway.

The people in the room are beginning to digest hilda now - i guess it takes longer than i initially thought to train but im happy to take as long as is needed and its fun anyway once they get over the mic shyness :)

if you are sticking around to trade the announcement tonight then good trading to you.

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