Tuesday - im going mad!

well, today has just been awful for cable hasnt it. The wise wouldve left it well alone today although im sure many have made money.

There have only been 2 hilda trades on cable worth taking that being a brilliant 4 hour / 1 hour trade that happened before i got out of bed (well done andre for taking that) and the next one was a 30 min/15 min short at 10am mt time short which didnt present itself as a low risk opportunity so wasnt taken.

only one official hilda trade on the 5 min was at around 11:25 long 1. 8092 - this failed for -15 pips

spent the rest of the day looking for opportunities that werent there whilst at the same time missing golden hilda calls on EJ and swissy.

nuff said - im calling it a day PAH!!

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