yee haa - actually made some money today. cable closed for +40 and euro -6 so 34 pips in the bank to pay the bills with. Nothing to write home about but 34 pips is 34 pips - if it was $1000 a pip you'd be happy wouldnt you?

swissy didnt trigger by the way.

Heres looking forward to a good tomorrow too although with the dutch referendum things might just be slack again waiting for the result.

If its an expected no then maybe we will watch the euro tank on Thursday cos that will really be a strong nail ion the coffin of the EU.

Mind you - the doommongers are signalling that this might be the end of the EU as we know it - and even the currency!! - that would be a christmas present to me - i hate the euro cos there are too many players in it to make it volatile enough.

come back franc and DM all is forgiven !!

catch ya tomorrow folks - hope you all had a good day too :)

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