Day off and out!!

Well, the sun is shining in happy Derbyshire UK today - to be honest its the first time weve seen some summer!

ive placed 3 set and forget trades as follows - got to be back late this afternoon to close any out so lets see how they do

these are all oco orders (one cancels other)

Long 8267, stop 8217, take profit 8487
OR short 8187, stop 8237, take profit 7967

long 2568, stop 2518, tp 2758
OR short 2488, stop 2538, tp 2298

long 2387, stop 2337, tp 2587
OR short 2307, stop 2357, tp 2107

Development on The Hilda Baker System will be suspended until monday however as an update so far for May the system has produced 974 pips - ps, ignore the price on the website - it will be much less than that when ready. - see more details of the system here

Now lets see if i can avoid all the hype around the french eu consitution vote today. Who cares what the french think anyway??

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