New Month - Improved System!


Hope you had a good week this week, i know i did :)

I took 801 pips for the week which included my set and forget trades.

Good news was that i launched an addition to the hilda system which i believe will take it's win / loss ratio into the 85 - 95% win / loss ratio area - time will tell if this happens.

I released it to the hilda buyers group on thursday and they seem to be over the moon about it saying that it makes hilda even easier than before 'like shooting fish in a barrel' was one comment.

This also means that i can now include these new trades in the results - something i will be doing from now on.

Its hard when deciding where to log the exits on the trades i post as with the new improvements there are actually 4 different exit points which depends on the trader's personality as to which ones they take.

For example if you look at that long trade from 1st september - the trade listed shows a single trade for 260 pips - that is one type of exit for those who like to hold a trade as long as possible. At the time i was personally trading that one on a different exit system and during that upmove i took around 7 entries and exits using one of the other exit methods. The pip count was slightly lower than holding the trade all day but the difference was not massive and felt safer for me as i was fully loaded lot wise at the time.

2nd september wasnt quite so good with a slowly creeping long market to begin with and then an up and down rollercoaster ride up to the release of the NFP number which didnt light any fires did it.

I have a rule on Fridays that after 3pm i take no more trades - it loonie time friday afternoon and although there were certainly pips to be made there is usually no consistency in the market.

Im guessing that many traders want to be flat for the weekend and many are just scalping the odd 10 pip move here and there which is what makes it rather risky for me friday pm so i just dont bother.

So, thats it for the week anyway and looking forward to a better month than last.

Throughout next week ill report on how the group is dong with the advanced setup of hilda and we will see how this new setup affect the results.

Take care y'all

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